Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Tree Helpful Tips

Real Vs. Artificial Christmas Tree Helpful TipsFew questions are more important this time of year than which Christmas tree you should buy for your home.  There are some things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect Christmas tree.

Here are just a few:

Real Or Artificial Tree?

Real Christmas trees require some care; if you’re planning to travel this holiday season, you may not want a live tree.  You must water the tree to make sure that it doesn’t lose its needles before Christmas day. 

The live trees are not fire resistant, the dried out pine needles can get too hot from the lights and may burst into flame.

On the other hand, there isn’t any up-keep with an artificial Christmas tree, and many look quite realistic.  The plastic Christmas trees have an added bonus of being flame retardant. 

Then, there’s the convenience of not having to go out in the cold weather to pick the tree out.

For those of you who can’t imagine Christmas without the pine needle smell, you can buy air fresheners that mimic the smell of fresh cut pine.  For some, an artificial tree is the best of both worlds.

How Big Is Too Much Tree?

Now that you’ve decided what kind of Christmas tree to buy, you have to find out how big a tree you can fit in your home.  It could be that the only thing limiting the size of your Christmas tree is your budget; in that case, your decision is easy. 

However, if you’re limited on space, you’ll need to decide the best place to put your tree first.

Try to think of how the area will “frame” your Christmas tree.  Consider how much traffic goes by the area and whether there will be enough room for the presents to stay safe. 

Break out the measuring tape so you don’t have to guess when you’re on the Christmas tree lot; trees look deceptively small on the lot.  Or, if you opted for the fake Christmas tree, you’ll know exactly which box to pick out; just look for the right size.

Want to buy a home that has space for a bigger tree?  I can help.  Give your trusted real estate professional a call today.

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