Deck the Halls: 4 Staging Tips to Follow When Selling Your Home This Holiday Season

Deck the Halls: 4 Staging Tips to Follow When Selling Your Home This Holiday SeasonWith the busyness of the holiday season, selling your home during the winter months can often be more difficult than it is in other seasons. If you’re intent on selling before the year is out and you’re looking for some staging pointers, here are a few ways to convince potential buyers that your home will be the perfect place to spend Christmas!

Compliment Your Home’s Colors

If the green, red and gold tones of the holiday season contrast with your home décor, it might be a good idea to bring out some less flashy pieces that will still lend to the joyous season. Instead of huge garlands all over the house or old decorations that have been passed down through the years, go for items that will complement the décor and coloring of your home to maximum effect.

Adorn It With A Wreath

A holiday wreath is often the perfect finishing touch when it comes to home decorating, but since your door will be one of the first things that potential buyers will see, it’s a staging tip you might not want to go without. Since a wreath will make buyers think of the exciting season ahead, it may be much easier for them to picture themselves sipping eggnog around the fire and putting presents under the tree of their potential new home.

Bake A Holiday Batch

There are few things more enticing about the holiday season than its treats, and since it’s proven that scent can go a long way in selling a home, you might want to dive into the holiday baking early. Whether you go with shortbread or gingerbread, this sweet holiday scent will likely enrapture potential buyers and may make them feel like they’re already home.

Keep The Tree Simple

It goes without saying that you’ll want to put out a tree for the holidays, but with all of the personal trimmings that can go into a tree, it’s a good idea to keep it relatively simple. Instead of overdoing it and distracting from the rest of your home, go for an understated tree with a few bulbs and simple decorations. This will showcase your love of the season without obscuring the attention that’s meant for your house.

Selling a home in the winter months can be more difficult than it is in spring or fall, but staging it for the holiday season may have a positive impact on potential buyers. If you’re curious about other staging tips for the holidays and selling in the winter, you may want to contact your trusted real estate professional for more information.